Alternative Press has just Premiered the BRAND NEW version of Nim Vind's otherworldly track "Astronomicon".  A song that's been around for a while for those who know. The idea that all our minds are connected and originating somewhere other than this reality is a big deal. Open the "Astronomicon" and find out what you really are!! When presenting an idea this radical, Nim Vind knew there was only ONE GUY who's brain is wired for this job. Enter Todd Rundgren. Todd built his own video equipment to make his own the late 70's??!?...Produced left field artists like Meat Loaf when nobody saw Meat Loaf's worth but Todd and to great success...while other artists from the Rock n Roll heyday coasted on old successes Todd made the strange and beautiful EDM album State to the pleasant surprise of many...including a new fan called Nim Vind... Nim had his strange song sent to Todd in hopes that Todd's alien brain would connect and it did. Enjoy Astronomicon as it was meant to be, mixed by Todd Rundgren!!


If you missed Bloody Disgusting (biggest horror site on the net) debut of Nim's track "Master Spider" then listen now HERE:

FAN VIDEO for Master Spider HERE: